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Your Home is a Gift

Posted: February 22, 2020 by Jenn Cole

From the day that you move into your house it becomes your home. You are faced with picking out paint colors and finding the right furniture. Along the way, so many wonderful memories take place. For me, it was where I brought my children home from the hospital, took their first steps, many birthday parties and other celebrations. For some, it is where your new husband carried you through the front door for the first time. For others, it was where your raised your children and sent them off in the world to become adults. For some it is where every happy memory has happened for them while others it is divorce or illness that have made us fall out of love with our home.

Families are constantly changing and so are their needs. Often people feel nostalgic about moving. I was recently signing a listing agreement and my client began to cry. She just couldn't believe that it was time to move on. They need more room for their growing family, but it was still difficult for her. I recognize that a home holds more than your stuff. It holds the memories of birthdays, first steps, graduation, and retirement. Remember that your memories will travel with you and that your home is a gift to the next family. Whatever your motivation for selling, I will listen to your needs and honor the unique story that you and your home have to share.

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